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Welcome to the Odyssey 5 neXus. Right now things may seem a little bare but I'm finishing up touches on a few things. I really hope to put out my best website yet for a show that truly deserves the best effort I can give it. What better way to get the word out than with a website. Stay tuned, I promise you will not be disappointed...
Remember to tune into Showtime every Friday at 10:00 PM ET to catch new episodes of the outstanding series Odyssey 5. Reruns occur Sundays at 10:45 PM ET, just incase you miss it....

Site Update
- I have uploaded my review of the "Premiere."
- I have also started adding new pictures around here.
- I will be adding more content as I finish the touches on them.
- I have uploaded some insert labels and instructions to the I.D. Section. It will help make your tapes look classy. I will be adding more in the coming weeks. I won't be like some sites and take a vacation while the show is on a rerun schedule.


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